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Grady Dixson (New York, NY)

Re: Misfits #2. I loved it! You’ve got a good momentum going, and I think the new artist is great and has a good style, but still fits in line with the style the previous artist set up.

Chris Morrison (Vancouver, BC)

Right off the top, I love the artwork. The artist drawing your characters gets it.

The cover is hilarious and totally fits into the mood of the universe but then again I’m a sucker for super-powered beings acting like regular people.

I love the word balloons style you used for the telepathic conversations. It works really well and shows the difference between spoken words.

Love the convo over the action when the troops are coming to find Nox before he escapes.

Annnnd…Purse-snatching ninjas! I love it! All-in-all a great accomplishment. I enjoyed the read.

Keep up the good work!

Anthony Phillips (Cleveland, Ohio)

I liked the premise of a super powered being trying to adapt to normal life while still being super. I like how you gave Demonman regular guy issues like working a less than satisfactory job and trying to get Cindy to give him the time of day.

Steve Layman (Miami, Florida)

I like some of Misfits #2, but I thought the story dragged in parts. Please don’t take this the wrong way but I think there are some improvements to the story that could be made.

Demonman kind of seems like a bit of a loser. You should show him doing stuff that will make him look more like a hero.

And where did the ninjas come from? They just appear out of nowhere at the end. You should have shown some ninjas sneaking around during the story to help build suspense.

These are just my opinions. But it was cool to read your comic anyways.