Created by Brandon Rhiness, Adam Storoschuk

Real Name Congo

Base of Operations New Edmonton City


Congo is an Eastern Lowland Gorilla that was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

As Congo grew older he began to suffer from cardiovascular disease. Veterinarians in his native Congo were unable to treat the gorilla so he was sent to New Edmonton City to receive treatment. The veterinarians in New Edmonton were able to cure Congo without giving him a heart transplant. The veterinarians then sold Congo to the New Edmonton City Zoo.

This caused problems with the government of Congo since they were expecting to get the gorilla back. However the NEC Zoo paid a large cash payment to the Congo government and the problem went away.

Soon after Congo got settled in to his new home, Zoo staff began injecting him with a growth hormone that made Congo grow in size. The zoo’s plan was to make extremely large animals that would draw in crowds.

However, the hormone they were injecting him with was highly addictive. It also made Congo smarter. One day he tricked some zookeepers and got out of his enclosure. He managed to find the storage room where the growth hormone was located and he injected himself with all of it.

This made him grow in size to about twenty stories. He went on a rampage through downtown New Edmonton.

In the end Demonman had to kill Congo by ripping the gorilla’s heart out and then cutting his head off.

The New Edmonton City Zoo was closed pending a full investigation. They are also facing many lawsuits.