A.B.C. (Atomic Biological Chemical)

(Atomic Biological Chemical)

Created by Adam Storoschuk, Brandon Rhiness

Occupation Government Sponsored Hero

Team Affiliation The Allies

Base of Operations Washington, DC

Height Variable


During the early 1940s the Russian government had spies in the U.S. that discovered the Manhattan project. With this new information and the stolen technology now in their hands the Russians began their own work on an atomic weapon.

The Russians included chemical and biological technology in their experiments. This resulted in the creation of an intelligent being that could emit radiation and could fire nuclear blasts.

The being disagreed with the Soviet ideology and defected to the United States.

The U.S. took him under their wing and named him A.B.C. which stood for Atomic Biological Chemical.

This was during the time that the U.S. was putting together their first Superhero team “The Allies”. They made A.B.C. an official member.

In the 1950s the U.S. was building a large island in the Atlantic Ocean. Their reason for building the island remains unknown. When a group of superpowered terrorists attempted to destroy the man-made island by creating a kind-of black hole A.B.C. stopped it by absorbing the hole’s energy. He died in the process.

This event lead to the break-up of the Allies. The U.S. abandoned the plans to create the island. The land mass remains there to this day. It has become known as Desolation Island.