No Longer the Hero


No Longer the Hero Interview

No Longer the Hero’s interview is featured in Misfits #2. Spread design by Brittni Bromley.

BRANDON: So you guys are called No Longer the Hero, what are the names of your band members?

MICHAEL: Demetrius Reynolds aka Whodini Blak & Michael Piccard.

BRANDON: How long have you been together?

MICHAEL: We started out as collaborators around 2007 or 2008. We have since moved on from countless groups and organizations, including Bizzy Bone’s 7th Sign Regime and its spawn Reb7rth. From Reb7rth came No Longer the Hero with just us two out of a crew of 5.

BRANDON: How many albums do you have out?

MICHAEL: Our first release as NLTH is in the works. Demos and different genres are being created at this very moment. As the group Reb7rth, we have released an EP online entitled Novum Genesis back in March 2013 and will be re-releasing it through a distribution situation with Sony Records, IODA.

BRANDON: Where are you based out of?

MICHAEL: I’m from Southern California and Demetrius is from Mississippi.

BRANDON: Where can people check out your music?


BRANDON: What kind of music are you guys listening to these days?

MICHAEL: Rammstein, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Tech N9ne

DEMETRIUS: Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Papa Roach, Lupe Fiasco & NIN

BRANDON: What do you think about the state of music in general?

MICHAEL: It’s a melting pot right now. You have people who are unhappy about what performers are saying, but not enough people doing anything about that.

DEMETRIUS: I think with the digital age, we are able to create new sounds, develop new methods of getting our work circulating and artists have been sort of breaking their molds with exploring and blending different genres and style.

BRANDON: So you guys are into comic books? What comics are you reading at the moment?

DEMETRIUS: I’ve been catching up with the Punisher: War Zone series & Superior Carnage.

BRANDON: What are your thoughts on the comic book industry these days?

DEMETRIUS: As a kid in Mississippi, comics & comic books were everywhere and always available, from Archie to the Spider-Man Secret Wars but now in my town, they are no longer carried in regular retail stores, it’s disappointing. I still have my collection of the older comics from 1984 and beyond, nothing like a good comic to read during down time.

BRANDON: What are your thoughts on the independent comic scene these days?

DEMETRIUS: On the independent scene is where you’ll find some of the hardest working and raw talent in comics. I bet if you traced most of all the great and mainstream names in comics, you’ll find that they earn their spot and experience from their independent route.

BRANDON: What do you like better for comics — digital or print?

DEMETRIUS: Honestly, I like print because it’s collectible, something to hold and marvel over. All the fine details of the drawings, you know? But being on the go all the time, the digital versions are just as detailed and comes in handy!

BRANDON: Who are your favourite superheroes?

DEMETRIUS: Spider-Man & Batman but as far as vigilantes go, I identify with the Punisher and with Symbiotic Spider-Man.

No Longer the Hero, is more than just the name of the group; it’s also the reminder of the concept that some of the people & dreams, they’ve let down or abandoned by the yin & yang dominance of the alter egos that are very present in some of their songs. The listeners will relate and identify with the alter ego’s darkness or with the group’s path to self-salvation.

Demetrius “Whodini Blak” Reynolds and Michael Piccard joined forces to create this duo to usher in a new era of craftsmanship by matching the unusual animated visual with a distinctive plot in NLTH’s music. Whodini Blak & Michael are both lyrically known for matching conflicts with an alter ego, singing the wrong notes in the right pitch and unable to be defined by a description or placed in any specific genre. NLTH, the lost saviours and far from the victors; they are the misfit antagonist and the vigilante underdog that everyone roots for in terms of emotional economics; in seeing the loser, become a winner by definition unexpected.

No Longer the Hero, provides you darkness and light at the same time, breathing an unfathomable breath of fresh air into the ears and hearts of any individual willing to identify and internalize this musicianship.