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Locution Revolution Interview

Locution Revolution’s interview will be appearing in an upcoming Higher Universe comic. Spread design by Michelle Brown.

BRANDON: What are the names of the band or group’s members?

KHIRY: Khiry Tafari, iD and DJ Budakron.

BRANDON: What kind of music do you play?

KHIRY: We make rap music… but there are some real reggae, folk, jazz and country vibes to the music that we make… so we call our music grown folk music.

BRANDON: How long have you been together? And how did you meet?

KHIRY: We (Khiry and iD) both had a job at a call center back in the day. That would have been 2003. We were both rapping at the time and we remained friends after we went our separate ways (who wants to work at a call center forever?). We started working together on music in 2007, met DJ Budakron in 2008 at an event we throw called ‘Hip Hop in the Park’ and pretty soon he was DJing at our weekly night ‘Wildstyle Wednesdays.’ So we have been Locution Revolution since 2007 and added DJ Budakron to the mix in 2008.

BRANDON: How many albums do you have out?

KHIRY: We have released 3 albums and have 3 more in the works. We have released iD – Watch the Real Die EP (2007), Khiry Tafari – Movements of Luv (2009), Locution Revolution – Walk Tall (2010) and will be releasing Locution Revolution – Futuristic Space Chronicles Volume 1 and iD – Nothing to Something in 2014 and are halfway through recording Khiry’s next solo album as well.

BRANDON: Where are you based out of?

KHIRY: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

BRANDON: Where can people check out your music?

KHIRY: Just go to your favourite search engine online and type Locution Revolution. We have videos up on YouTube, we have all sorts of music websites where you can stream our music… we are on twitter, Facebook… we are everywhere, you just gotta look.

BRANDON: What kind of music are you guys listening to these days?

KHIRY: We have always been listening to good music of all genres. From Johnny Cash to Black Hippie, The Clash to Tarrus Riley…

BRANDON: What do you think about the state of music in general?

KHIRY: Music is great, you need it… but what is with all of the horrible, overplayed, repetitive garbage?

BRANDON: So you guys are into comic books? What comics are you reading at the moment?

KHIRY: Whatever we can get our hands on, there are so many good titles right now… Khiry is re-reading from House of M to AVX as it is Marvel in its prime… impeccable shit! iD has not read anything for a bit… the last comic he read was Misfits #1 and thought it was awesome. Budakron is all about the X-men.

BRANDON: What are your thoughts on the comic book industry these days?

KHIRY: Anything Image is very cool shit to read… not digging the Marvel NOW, that shit is stupid. There are a lot of good things to read out there… but much like the music industry… where is the creativity, thought and innovation? You can find it… but sometimes you gotta look for it.

BRANDON: What are your thoughts on the independent comic scene these days?

KHIRY: There is a lot of good stuff happening independently. Lots of good ideas… A lot of originality. Many comic book readers are stuck in their ways… if a title is home grown, underground or original and not in the “big 2” they won’t really give it a chance… and that is really too bad because a lot of the best work is happening at this level. That is why there are so many reprints (i.e. Kick-Ass).

BRANDON: What do you like better for comics — digital or print?

KHIRY: PRINT. Is that an actual question?

BRANDON: Digital is pretty popular these days. I like print better too.

BRANDON: Who are your favourite superheroes?

KHIRY: You want the short list? Khi’s top 3. Captain America, Batman and Storm. iD’s favorites are Thor, the Lone Ranger, Green Lantern. Budakron is all about Wolverine… he is sometimes referred to as ‘WolvieKron’.

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