Act of Destruction


Act of Destruction Interview

Act of Destruction’s interview will be appearing in an upcoming Higher Universe comic. Spread design by Michelle Brown.

BRANDON: What kind of music are you guys listening to these days?

NIGEL BRAVO: Star One, King Diamond, Nevermore.

ALEX BAGGIO: Paganini, Nevermore, Randy Rhoads.

JOHN BRAVO: Music played by musicians.

JASON CARUANA: Lately I’ve been reverting back to the old hardcore bands that were around about ten years ago, other than that lately I can’t get enough of what’s on modern radio, it’s all great for a change!

BRANDON: What do you think about the state of music in general?

NIGEL BRAVO: I think it’s dumb and not much fun anymore. People are too afraid to have fun.

ALEX BAGGIO: I don’t think there’s a whole lot of hope but you gotta put your dues in.

JOHN BRAVO: There’s a lot of trash out there currently.

JASON CARUANA: For me the state of Popular music couldn’t be any better unless it were the 90s again and as for Metal good, new bands are few and far between for me sadly so I’ve kinda been giving it a break.

BRANDON: What advice do you have for people just starting out their music career?

NIGEL BRAVO: Don’t do your homework, don’t go to school, don’t go to work, and don’t go out. Stay home and practice ’cuz there’s somebody who’s better than you.

ALEX BAGGIO: Don’t worry about it, we’ll handle it.

JOHN BRAVO: If you’re still pretty bad, don’t play live until you get better. Have fun and use your brain!

JASON CARUANA: Go balls out and be sure, if you’re not a solo artist, that you’re with the right people from the get go because if everyone’s putting 100% you can’t lose but if 1 out of 4 or 1 out of 5 guys aren’t doing their part then that’s a dead end so be smart… Also, please be yourself — no one else — just play what you want to hear.

BRANDON: So you guys are into comic books? What comics are you reading at the moment?

NIGEL BRAVO: Hustler, Playboy, Jackie Chan, Lord of the Rings, Frasier.

ALEX BAGGIO: Watchmen and Indiana Jones.

JOHN BRAVO: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Jeffrey Dahmer vs. Jesus Christ.

JASON CARUANA: The only comic series I’ve ever read was ‘Halloween’ based off the Michael Myers movie and it was awesome. I still have them. I’ve been meaning to start Venom vs. Carnage which I bought but haven’t read yet.

BRANDON: What are your thoughts on the comic book industry these days?

NIGEL BRAVO: There needs to be more comic books centered around real people like alcoholics and drug addicts. I’d read those.

ALEX BAGGIO: They need to make a comic book about Nicolas Cage.

JASON CARUANA: There’s a lot of cool stuff going on from what I’ve been seeing… All of the crossover stuff (Marvel with DC) is always cool just gotta take the time to get into them more.

BRANDON: What are your thoughts on the independent comic scene these days?

ALEX BAGGIO: I don’t know about today, but The Crow and Sin City were cool. Those were independent right?

BRANDON: What do you like better for comics — digital or print?

NIGEL BRAVO: Digital is more accessible and I like that, but print is cooler.

ALEX BAGGIO: Anything involving computers is not good.


JASON CARUANA: Print! The internet has ruined so many things but printed comics, along with physically distributed music should always be around no matter what.

BRANDON: Who are your favourite superheroes?

NIGEL BRAVO: Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas.

ALEX BAGGIO: V and Dr. Manhattan.

JOHN BRAVO: Jason Becker.


BRANDON: Any final thoughts?

ACT OF DESTRUCTION: Thank you for this Interview of Destruction! Rock N Roll, and Get Destroyed! Drugs for Satan!